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What are the costs associated with a 457 Visa Application?

The cost associated with a 457 Visa application will change from time to time; as such we will only provide an indicative cost within this article as we don’t wish to risk providing you with a specific figure that might then change the day after we publish our article.

What we will also do is provide a link to the Australian immigration website at the end of this article so you have access to the most current costs. This link takes you to the official fees and charges section of the Australian Immigration website so any changes to the current prices will be reflected there.

At the time that this article was published (July 2015), the main Australian government related costs associated with Australian 457 Visa application will be in the region of $3,600 (Australian dollars).

This is the base application charge for the primary candidate. If you want to take your family with you then the cost for each family member over the age of 18 is $1800 with an additional applicant charge of $900 for any additional applicant under the age of 18.

So put into context. If you were married with a small child under 18, the 456 Visa cost would be $3,600 (you) + $1,800 (spouse) + $900 (child) = $6,300 Australian dollars.

Obviously if you are coming to Australia by yourself then you are only looking at the first figure ($3,600), however it’s still not an insignificant sum.

Who Should pay for the 457 Visa?

This is a good question and opinions on this sometimes differ. From our perspective (and this is just a personal opinion of 457 jobs Australia), the employer should cover all the costs of the 457 Visa!

Think about it! At the end of the day, an employer has advertised a job to overseas job seekers because they have been unable to source a suitable candidate from within Australia.

If you look at it from that perspective, if you’ve been offered a job by an Australian employer you clearly have a lot to offer and have capabilities and skills that cannot be sourced locally within Australia.

We recognise that simply moving to Australia has a massive draw for some people, however If you feel confident in your ability and feel that you are in a strong negotiation position. Consider getting your future employer to agree to cover the 457 Visa application costs as part of your employment package.

There are also a number of additional fees the employers have to pay directly (for example an employer nomination fee of $530). The employer component is something that you shouldn’t have to contend with. If you have an employer who is trying to get you to cover these costs then we’d suggest you start to question your willingness to work for this employer.

Are there any other costs associated with the 457 Visa application?

Each application is different so it’s difficult to cover all of the costs associated with an Australian 457 Visa application. A couple of common costs include the costs associated with obtaining a medical (these will vary from country to country but should not be significant).

In addition you need to give consideration to the fact that you’ll also need to have private medical insurance for the duration of your visa. This isn’t an exorbitant cost (good cover is usually $60 – $100 per month) and in many instances will form part of your employment package with your future employer.

As mentioned at the start of the article. We’d ask you to be mindful that these figures will change and it’s almost impossible to cover all the costs as each application is different. The application fees themselves form a large majority of the overall costs for a 457 Visa so this article should still be a good guide.

To view the most up to date 457 Visa costs we recommend you visit the “Fees and charges” section of the Australian immigration website which can be viewed here.

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