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We have received a number of questions via our 457 jobs facebook page recently which contain a recurring theme. With this in mind we thought we’d write this article to try and help address this question if it’s asked again in the future.

An example of the type of question we receive:

I am a graduate engineer in electronics with a 3 year degree. Can I get sponsored to work in Australia?

It’s a good question and historically we’ve referred the people asking this question to the article we wrote a little while ago which covers the occupations  in demand in Australia.

Our logic behind this referral is that that if you have experience doing a particular job AND this job appears on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL) then yes! You can get a sponsored job in Australia.

It’s not just about ticking boxes though

It is important to remember that it’s not just about having the qualifications to do a job considered in demand in Australia. 457 Visas aren’t simply handed out once a number of basic criteria are met.

With the Australian sponsored 457 visa, unlike a number of other visa classes, it’s not just about whether or not you qualify for the 457 Visa. You also need to have the skills and experience required for the job which will be confirmed via the job interview process.

Put another way If the question we used in the example above was simply:

I am a graduate engineer in electronics with a 3 year degree. Can I get a job?

The answer to this question will always be yes.  Remember though, a job is not guaranteed unless you:

  1. Apply for the job.
  2. Get selected for an interview
  3. Do well at the interview.
  4. Be offered the role.

These step are all critical to securing a job and the same applies to securing a sponsored job here in Australia.

So can I get sponsored to work in australia?

In short, a job offer is the most critical step in the 457 Visa application process. Once you have the job offer you can then complete the task of confirming you meet the other criteria required. This will include things such as:

  •  a demonstrated minimum English language ability (some exemptions apply)skills and experience necessary to perform the nominated occupation (a formal skills assessment may be required)
  • adequate health insurance for the period of stay in Australia
  • a genuine intention to perform the job you’ve applied for
  • character and health checks together with a declaration concerning Australian values and laws.

The job offer will be made on the condition that your 457 visa application is granted and your application will only be granted when the Australian immigration department are satisfied that you meet the additional criteria required for the 457 visa class.

So to summarise, if you are wondering if you can get sponsored to work in australia then the answer to the question is possibly yes. Remember though, if you don’t have a job offer then everything else becomes irrelevant. You’ll need to have this critical box ticked before you can utilise the Australian 457 Visa stream as a means for gaining entry into Australia.

We hope this article helps provide a little further clarity around the process.

To a successful move down under



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  1. George wafula makhanu 3 years ago

    Iam George wafula makhanu from Kenya am four years experience on diary farming e.g milking ,calf rearing ,dehorning ,deworming ,vaccination
    farm machines iam experienced on boom spray ,fertilizer application planter ,disc harrow and also iam experienced on accounts and store keeping e.g how to prepare petty cash ,voucher,invoice cash book ,store requisition
    therefore iam eager to work in any Australian diary farm if sponsored please let me know if I can get sponsorship please advice me

  2. Roma Sullano 4 years ago

    hi im Roma Sullano i work as a senior marketing asst at the no 1 bank in the Phils which is BDO i want to work there what do i need to do? thanks

  3. Denford 4 years ago

    How are you sir my name is denford Manjengwa.I am a professional panel beater and spray painter and l’m willing to live and worķ in Australia pliz can you help me find a sponsor.

  4. vdmescc 4 years ago

    Thanks Mark, I’ve applied and was contacted on occasions where I was told, “When you come to Australia, give us a call we are interested in you.”
    But I’m not giving up.

  5. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi there: Even though the role appears on the list, all this means is that it gives the option for employers to sponsor someone if a candidate cannot be sourced locally, it doesn’t necessarily mean more 457’s will be approved as this is reliant on the number of jobs available agauinst each job type.

    Hope this makes sense


  6. vdmescc 4 years ago

    Hi, since my occupation falls under the Occupational Skill Shortages list, will border be approving more 457 visas? I am a cable jointer with copper cable and fibre optic jointing experience as well as locating line faults and repairing them, I also did installs. I also don’t see any opportunities here.
    ANZSCO 3424 Telecommunications Tradesworkers

  7. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Jenny. It is but you don’t need to take an assessment as such.

    Requirements for a working holiday visa are:

    You might be able to get this visa if you:

    – You are at least 18 but not yet 31 years of age
    – do not have a dependent child accompanying you at any time during your stay in Australia
    – have a passport from an eligible country.

    Please see this link for more info: http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/417-

  8. Jenny 4 years ago

    Thanks mark to your support i just hv question in my mind that working holiday is a type of visa?? For this visa Need require any assesmnt ??

  9. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Jenny, I don’t think so unfortunately as these kind of jobs can typically be filled by local resources.

    If you want to come to Australia and a working holiday is an option for you, I would recommend you do this? At least this way you can stay in Australia and work (6 months at a time) whilst looking for roles that might be willing to offer you 457 sponsorship.

    Recommended reading: http://457jobsaustralia.com/why-457-visa-not-for-you/

    All the best


  10. Jenny 4 years ago

    Hi sir i mean i hv cmpleate master degree in india then i got married n we came to aus with 457 visa my visa is dependent i hv exp in pick packing job in sydney sm relationship problms i left aus but i like to work in aus n so my que is can i get sponser in pick packing job?

  11. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Jenny, not sure what you mean by MA or what a “pick packer’ is. Please post in our forums here : http://457jobsaustralia.com/forums/ and we’ll see what we can do to help.

    All the best


  12. Jenny 4 years ago

    Hi i done MA.i hv experiance in pick packer job i need sponser can i get sponser?? I like to live in aus n also want to settle in aus

  13. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Suliman, we normally have a few Accounting roles offering sponsorship. See the following link for the latest positions advertised: http://457jobsaustralia.com/457-accounting-jobs-australia/

    Best of luck


  14. Suliman Akram 4 years ago

    Hi Sir I Am Suliman Akram I Am Acountant In Pvt Electronics Company I Have One Year Experince..My Wish M Working In Your Country.My Dream City

  15. Mawe 4 years ago

    Hi, I am a Senior Agronomist/Manager, working as the CEO in the top management with PNG Government, Department of Agriculture and Livestock, 18 years work expreince and has Masters in Crop Science Management, Nottigham University, UK and currently working as a Agriculture Project Consultant in PNG

  16. Benjie 4 years ago


    I am a firefighter, is there a chance to work in Australia as a fireman?

  17. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi, search our site or register for job alerts for optician roles. I’ve not seen any posted for a while but they are from time to time.

    Good luck!

  18. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Priyanka, yes you would.



  19. Priyanka 4 years ago

    Hi.I am an Software Developer in India.I would like to know if I secure an IT job in australia then Do I need to have my skills assessment to apply for 457 visa ?

  20. M AZEEM 4 years ago

    Hi dear I m a optician optical shop I have 8 year technical experience I want to go to Aus how can I get a work visa

  21. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Kumar, all the roles located within the hospitality and tourism industry can be viewed at the following link


    I recommend that you register an account with us and then set up a “job alert” for new jobs posted in this category. This way we will email you when new jobs are posted.


    Good luck



  22. kumar.munish21 4 years ago

    I am looking to get an sponsored job offer for the position of cafe or restaurant manger or any suitable position in any good hotel or restaurant company. Please help me to get settle in south australia in adelaide.i have done graduation and diploma in food and beverage services and has 15 years experience in this field. Look forward to have an positive reply. Regards Munish

  23. azm khan 4 years ago

    Hi i am a azam khan.i am a commerce graduate and now i am doing M.B.A in marketing i want to get job in australia.i have 2 years experience in pharmaceutical industry.plz help me

  24. irshadhussain 4 years ago

    Good day
    I am work to textil parts menufecharing
    I need a job pilz send me working

  25. Norman Abaño 4 years ago

    I am graduated Bachelor Science in Electrical Engineering. My work experience was repair and maintenance of store and building. Please help to have working visa.

  26. Anna Marie bravo 4 years ago

    I need a job offer or sponsor who help me and settling in Australia.I am a sewer.I accept any job.even a cleaner or any kind of job

  27. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi, you can upload your resume via the following link http://457jobsaustralia.com/job/457-jobs-australia-eoi/ . Please also consider registering with our site and setting up job alerts for roles that interest you.

  28. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Leonardo. All the mechanic related roles we advertise are in our trades and services category which you can view by clicking here. To Apply for any of the roles we advertise. Simply click the “Apply for job’ button which is located towards the bottom of each listing.

  29. cynthia 4 years ago

    Good day mam /sir,

    I’m very much willing to work as a office secretary, If there is an open for me to work from this field please help me to find a sponsor thank you…

  30. Leonardo Ibanez 4 years ago

    Good day!My name is Leonardo Ibanez,from philipines.My current work is diesel mechanic I have work experience more than 15yerars as a diesel mechanic…How can I applly?Im interesting to work in Australia.But,now on Im working here in Saudi Arabia.This is my contact no -edited for privacy – Once again thank you and I hope to hear you soon..

  31. ramina camposano 4 years ago

    Hi, I would like to apply a caregiver (elderly patient). Pls.help me to have sponsor in australia-sydney or other location
    I just finish my contract last august 2015 at taiwain.i very willing n interested to work.
    May I know your e-mail add to sent my resume..

  32. jocelyn dondoyano 4 years ago

    Good day maam,sir,
    I am very much willing to work as a caregiver,but i was graduated in midwife,please help me find an sponsor thank you…

  33. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Best to search the jobs on our site Ronaldo, we don’t currently offer 1:1 job seeking support.

  34. Ronaldo Calimag 4 years ago

    Good day I’m a tig welder,polisher and refrigeration technician..can you help me to find a work related on my experience. Thanks

  35. gina cordova 4 years ago

    i am bshrm graduate..i need a job pls help me..thank you

  36. Jodanil Alao 4 years ago

    I am Animal Science graduate and I have 5 years experience working in commercial farms and I am the Farm Manager of my latest job. Can I have a shot on 457 visa in Australia?

  37. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Augusto, please view our latest job listings here : http://457jobsaustralia.com/search-457-jobs/ to identify jobs from employers willing to offer 457 sponsorship.

  38. augusto opena 4 years ago

    Hello sir,i am august from philippines.my current job is a plumber mechanic(seafarer) of an international cruise lines for 8years and a mechanical technician for 7 years in manila international airport philippines.i passed the IELTS with the band score of 5.5 could you please help me to have an employer or sponsored employer to help to work in australia.thank you in advance.

  39. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi all, if you have any specific questions please post in our forums as we check our forums more regularly 🙂

  40. hygeia 4 years ago

    Good day sir! I graduated from a 2 year course of hotel and restaurant management and i have National Certificates from Tesda here in the Philippines, i want to have a job in a hotel or restaurant as staff, is it posible to have a sponsor for me? Thanks a lot!

  41. Madiha Zaib 4 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    I am Madiha Zaib from Rawalpindi Pakistan.I have done Matric in Science,also done Inter in Fsc Pre.Medical and now I am doing BBA from University in Islamabad.I am in semester 3rd.And I have experience in Marketing Management. If u have job plz reply me as soon as possible.Thnx….

  42. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Najib, we don’t offer sponsorship but we do list jobs that are offering sponsorship. Check out our 457 Jobs in Information Technology for IT related jobs offering sponsorship

  43. HAFIZ NAJIB UR REHMAN 4 years ago

    Dear sir,
    i am najeeb from lahore pakistan. I found you from net. I want a job. Is there any possibility to get a job as an IT/Electronics technician. I need sponsor work visa. Can you sponsor. Sir, I am graduate in computer science and i did 3 year diploma in electronics and working as an electronics technician. I need sponsored work visa to work in any menntioned country. Sir please tell me detail about that how can you help me in getting a work visa or visa sponsored by employe. I shall be very thankful to you. Reply me as soon as possible.
    < private details removed >

  44. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hu Muhammad, check out our 457 Visa guides by clicking here.

  45. Muhammad Raza Ali 4 years ago

    Hi , I’m Qualified Diploma Of Associate Engineer in CIVIL Engineering, i have 10 year experience in PTCL Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited As a Sub Engineer civil . I want to come in Australia for working and more study in Australia plz guide me , Regards

  46. Sardar ali 4 years ago

    I want a job offer or sponsor who help me in settling in australia.i want to work and live in australia.i have done masters and presently i am a teacher in pakistan.i want work or immigrstion visa for australia plz guide and help me.regards

  47. riaz inayat gill 4 years ago

    I need job plz send me working visa? My job experience marketing & shoes store ?

  48. Suresh Panneer Selvam 3 years ago

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Suresh – B.Sc Agriculture., M.Sc. Horticulture., – Project manager – Active job seeker with International – Professional work experience in SINGAPORE ( 2 Years + ) & INDIA ( 8 Years + ) : 10 Years +
    Contact : HP : +91-9944689297 & Email : suresh87hort@gmail.com
    ————————————————————————————————————————————————–Active job seeker any Abroad destiny:
    a. ) As educational background, I’ve good educational background as follows:
    1. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture – (B.Sc., Agriculture) – Completed
    2. Master of Science in Horticulture – (M.Sc., Horticulture) – Completed
    3. Doctor of Philosophy in Horticulture – (Ph.D Horticulture )– on progress
    c.) International – Professional work experience in SINGAPORE ( 2 Years + ) & INDIA ( 8 Years + ) : 10 Years +
    Kiat Lee Landscape & Building Pte Ltd
    Horticulturist – Residential landscape coordinator (RLC)
    Duration : 19th October 2015 – 16th December 2015 (3 month + )

    Lovely landscape and Construction Pte Ltd
    Horticulturist – Project Manager
    Duration : 19th Feb 2014 to 30th Sept, 2015 (1 year, 7 months, 11 days )

    Horticulturist / Agriculture Consultant
    Duration : 30.05.2011 to 31.01.2014 (2 years 8 months) – Full time
    02.11.2009 to 30.04.2011 (1 year, 6 months) – Part time

    TPS Agro Farm
    Horticulturist / Agriculture Consultant
    Duration : 07th Oct,2005 To 23rd Oct, 2009 ( 4 Years , 17 Days)

    I’m seeking for Agriculture / Horticulture job. You guys on this same field, ready to offer / refer job in Agriculture / Horticulture field, will be more helpful to develop my carrier growth. My intention to work in interesting farming sector.
    I am from Indian Agricultural family background is the backbone of my confidence in farming jobs. As we do with 100 acres of agriculture integrated farming land ( 10 years +) , which is used for diverse Integrated Farming System (IFS) method of cultivation in Tamilnadu, India.
    Hope I would fulfill the needs of company and I can give you a good productivity results.

    Kindly consider my carrier growth and give me an opportunity to express my talents.
    Pls inform to below contact.
    With Thankful Regards,
    Suresh PS
    B.Sc. M.Sc.. Agri – Horticulture
    HP : +91-9944689297 India
    Email : suresh87hort@gmail.com
    Skype : sureshagri2007

  49. Mohammad Zakaria 3 years ago

    Hi, I’ m Zakaria, from Bangladesh, like to work in AU. MBA in Banking & finance, Masters and bachelor degree in Political Science, 9 years of Banking experience specially in LOAN processing and documentation, and also in Cash department of Bank. No IELTS, Can I get sponsor? please help me. noted, I appreciated to the environment of AU after my visit there in March 2015

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