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There are a number of challenges with finding the right sponsored job opportunity here in Australia. Firstly the job has to considered a “skill in demand” and appear on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL), secondly the employer has to at least attempt (or say they have attempted) at filling the role with an Australian candidate.

The net result is that the number of 457 Sponsored job opportunities making their way onto our site is a lot less than traditional job boards.  This means that when searching for a particular role, you may not find the job you are looking for straight away or there may be no jobs at all listed in a particular category.

We’ve created this article to provide some top tips to help you get the best from our site.

Firstly, our search engine

Our search engine can be used to locate jobs in one of three ways.

  • By Keyword
  • By Location
  • By Category

The keyword option searches for specific keywords in either the Job Title or the Job Description. The Location search looks for jobs in a particular Location (normally listed as either city, state or a combination of the two) , whilst the category drop down will display all jobs in one of 20 Job categories (more on this below).

You can use just one of the ‘filters’ or all three to narrow down your search to a specific role.

For the sake of searching our site, we suggest that you use only one or two of the filters to narrow down your search.

As an example, you may choose to search for a Carpenter role located in the city of Sydney. If this does not yield any results then look to broaden your criteria to just the Keyword OR the location. If this still yields no results then you could leave the Keyword and Location field blank and select the category drop down as per the example below

457 job search

In this example, selecting the drop down will list all of the roles located within the Trades and Services Category (the category carpentry and other related roles would be located in). This will enable you to review all of the roles in this category irrespective of location.

Give it a go using the live search form we’ve embedded below:

Some Search Links to Help you on your way

Below we’ve listed a number of links to our most popular searches.

Search Australian Capital Cities for 457 Sponsored Job Opportunities

Search 457 Sponsored Job Opportunities by Job Category

If none of these search criteria yield the jobs you are looking for then remember that we add to our job listings a number of times every single day.

If you don’t want to visit our site every day and check the ob listings yourself then let us do the work for you. Consider registering a free account by clicking here. Once registered you will be able to set up and subscribe to “job alerts”. Once set, when a job is posted matching your job criteria, we’ll email you a link to the job/s at a frequency defined by yourself (eg. daily/weekly).

We hope this article helps and we look forward to going on this journey with you!

To your success!

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