Australian occupations in demand list

When looking for sponsored opportunities within Australia, it’s worth keeping in mind that you simply can’t apply for any job.

The Australian government, like the governments of many first world countries, recognises that it has an obligation to look after it’s own residents first. This means that employers need to try and source (and have to demonstrate that they have tried to source) the job requirement locally before they begin looking overseas for candidates that can fill the role via the sponsored visa path.

Some roles are considered easy to fill whilst others are considered in demand. It is these these ‘jobs in demand’ that are typically the source of sponsored job opportunities within Australia and each year the Australian government publish a list of the current skills that are considered in demand.

For the purposes of the Australian Sponsored 457 Visa, this list is often referred to as the CSOL or Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List. We’ve provided a copy of the current ‘extensive’ list here.

If your occupation appears on this list then you are in luck as this means that the employers are able to sponsor candidates into these roles.

Keep in mind though that even though your occupation is listed , it does not guarantee that there will always be employers seeking to fill jobs in these occupations.

It simply means that the occupation qualifies for Australian Sponsorship if the Australian employer is unable to source a candidate for the job locally. Keep an eye on our current 457 job opportunities to check if there are any sponsored job opportunities in your current profession as we update this list daily.

Another couple of things worth mentioning. The ANZSCO referenced in the lost is an abbreviation for Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations. This is essentially a database maintained by the Australian government which details the skills associated with each of the professions listed.

This basically ensures that if you do a job in one country, the skills required for that job are aligned with the skills required to do the same job in Australia.

In some instances (although not for all roles) your skills may need to be formally assessed to prove that you have the skills that you say you do. The Assessing Authority detailed in the third column is the Authority currently responsible for assessing people’s skills in the occupation you are applying for. Your future employer will be able to provide further guidance in this space if your job interview for a sponsored role in Australia is a successful one.

Click the link below to view the current CSOL



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  1. Vishnudas N M 4 years ago

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am SAP BI/BW/HANA consultant from India with 4.8+ years experience.My skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under 261112 (Systems Analyst) of the ANZSCO Code. Please let me know on the possibilities of finding a job with 457 visa sponsorship. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you !

  2. BK Satyanarayana 4 years ago

    I m Balu from India, I have 10 years of experience in Instrumenatation,Maintenanace and Calibration in Engineering.I m experienced in Design and Maintenance, Calibration.

    Do i have any job vacancies available,please let me know

  3. Jaymar Pamil 4 years ago

    Hi I’m Jaymar.I want to apply as Intrument technician,342314.Graduate of Diploma Of technology major Industrial electronic.Working in Sumitomo heavy industry Injection molding machine devision. For 10 years as service technician.

  4. Jaymar Pamil 4 years ago

    Hi I’m Service technician of Injection Molding Machine brand Sumitomo,10 years working in this field.I want to apply as Instrument regards Jaymar

  5. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Liza, both “Hairdresser” and “Hair or Beauty Salon Manager” are considered jobs in demand. (See here for the full list : )

    I’ve not seen any hairdresser roles posted for a little while though. If thy are posted you will find them in our trade catergory here :

    I recommend you register with our site and set up a job alert for the term hairdresser. This way, as soon as a new hairdresser role is advertised with 457 sponsorship, we will let you know via email.

    All the best


  6. Liza 4 years ago

    Hi am a hairdresser are we in demand? It is so difficult to get a sponsor and a job offer.
    Kind regards

  7. Lesley Baggaley 4 years ago

    Qualified Beauty Therapist and City n Guilds Hairdresser also spa pool operator . Any chances of sponsorship, I am a uk resident wanting to work and live in australia.

  8. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Saurabh, post in our forums if you have any specific enquiries and we’ll help where we can 🙂



  9. Saurabh mishra 4 years ago

    Hi saurabh with Mechanical Engineering and Post graduation In marketing 09 years of experience in Spare Parts Sales and marketing.Looking forward to work in australia.
    Please guide accordingly

  10. Saurabh mishra 4 years ago

    Hi this is Saurabh Mishra.
    Mechanical Engineer with Post Graduation in Marketing.
    Have 08 years of international experience in SPARE PARTS SALES for trucks and car segment. Looking for a sponsored visa to work in australia please help

  11. Lesley Baggaley 4 years ago

    I have been in the Hair and Beauty industry for around 20 years qualified in both and a qualified Assessor A1 . I was a salon manager for 17 years but am now working at a training college working as a Receptionist/ Technician/ Assessor within a multi million pound Hair Beauty and Spa. I am looking for work in australia hopefully sponsired, do you think i stand a chance

  12. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Pete. Yes, assuming a role is advertised here in Australia offering Sponsorship. Any new vet roles will be listed here: Highly recommend you register and set up a job alert for any new roles posted in this category.

    Best of luck


  13. Pete 4 years ago


    Is it possible for Thai veterinarian to apply for 457? Just got a job offer. I’m over 50 now.

  14. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Also, did you get your login/registration sorted Judith. I can see you created an account OK?



  15. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Sonali, sorry about that. I have registered an account for you. Your user name is your email address. Your password will be emailed to you.



  16. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Not at this time Judith, I suggest you set up a job alert so we can email you as soon as a role is listed. 🙂

    All the best


  17. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Marc, please register your interest and resume here:

  18. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    If it’s not on this list Luis then I’m afraid this means it is not at this time.



  19. marc delos santos 4 years ago

    14 years of experience in food industry..interested to apply…willing to stay full time..please acknowledge my intent…thank you

  20. Luis 4 years ago

    Do you know if CRA is in the CSOL for Australia immigration? Maybe as Biochemist?

  21. Judith 4 years ago


    Anything for Occupational Health and Safety Advisors (ANZCO 251312) already have my Vetasses, looking to emigrate from South Africa

  22. Sonali 4 years ago

    I am unable to create an account. Have tried several times putting in a username, email address and password however, not proceeding to register or processing, just does not move from registration screen. Have tried using “strong” passwords but still not managed. Pls assist asap since would like to become a member of this excellent forum and portal. Thanks. Sonali

  23. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Adnamir, please upload your resume via the following link :

  24. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Najeeb, our healthcare related roles are located here :

    Please can I suggest that you register and upload your resume here :

    Best wishes


  25. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Azeema, please see this article for the steps to follow:

  26. Azeema 4 years ago

    Hi, I have more than 5 years of experience in Clinical Research field & Regulatory Affairs. Can anybody help me how to apply for jobs in Australia.

  27. Najeeb 4 years ago

    I am consultant cardiologist finished AMC assessment,and advised for job hunting from SR to consultant level in cardiology .what are prospectus under sponsorship scheme 457 visa to comlete 1 year peer review.your help will be highly appreciated.Waiting for your reply.

  28. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hello Jenish, please see this article for starters : Please post in our forums if you have ay further questions.



  29. jenish 4 years ago

    I am a male nursing practitioner. How can I start visa process? Anybody can help me in this ?

  30. noel1229 4 years ago

    hi im from Phillippines,im a boiler operator @ ASIA BREWERY INC. PHILLIPPINES..w/ nine years of experience in handling and operate a boiler machines..any jobsite you can recommend or can you give me a list of employers who can provide a sponsorship?? i hope you can help me to find a job..thank you..and GODBLESS…

  31. Marjoegalicinao 4 years ago

    Hi. I am Filipino and currently residing in the northern of the philippines. i’ve been worked as Field Technician for 3 years abroad more on in cabler jointer telecommunication one of the network telecom company located in the abu dhabi city, united arab of emirates. I’ve been completed for 3 years and followed that i’ve been also employed for 3 years and 10 months as computer technical support of the company in terms of IT environment in manila. Hoping that i have an opportunity to fit me in the said available job list that can help me to share my experience skills and knowledge. I’m looking forward for your reply.. Thank you for your consideration.. More power..

  32. jhen 4 years ago

    hi i’m willing to apply in australia. i have work experienced before as a secretary/telephone operator in united arab emirates. i’ve work there 5 yrs & half in one of the multinational company. car distributor of audi, volkswagen & porsche. but now im working here in hong kong taking care of an elderly woman. is there any home care centre for elderly that i can work with?

  33. Dr.Najeebullah Bugti 4 years ago

    I am consultant cardiologist finished AMC assessment,and advised for job hunting from SR to consultant level in cardiology .what are prospectus under sponsorship scheme 457 visa to comlete 1 year peer review.your help will be highly appreciated.

  34. Muhammad shehzad 4 years ago

    Hello I am shehzad my qualification is bsc computer science I am fresh having no experience but if you gave me a chance I wil prove my self thanks. ….

  35. adnanmir 4 years ago

    Hello Recruiter/Sponsor,

    I am a computer science graduate with over ten years of professional experience in support level capacities. Kindly give me chance of working for you as i am willing to relocate for better working environment.

    Ready to forward my resume at any time on your instruction.

    Best regards,

    Adnan Mir from Pakistan

  36. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Rocio, when you complete an expression of interest and register your resume with us, we add your details to our database.

    When recruiters advertise jobs on our website, they also have access to this database so they can search for suitable candidates before placing the ads. As such, I would say that registering an Expression of Interest will increase the possibilities of a 457 Visa as it increases the level of exposure you will have with recruiters looking to identify suitable candidates.

    Best of luck wih your search

  37. Rocio 4 years ago

    hello. I am an architect and I am 25 years old. I have possibilities for the visa 457 but a while ago that I don’t find an employer sponsorship to be able to travel temporarily to Australia. if I carry out an Expression of interest do I have more possibilities?Some other option? Is the expression of interest gratuitous?

  38. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi John, you’ll need to wait for someone to advertise a job in this space. Just because it is a skill considered in demand does not mean there are new jobs advertised all the time.

    Hope this helps


  39. john john 4 years ago

    How can i apply im a slaugther man…this is my contact# – removed for privacy – thanks..

  40. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Georgen, in a word.. yes! 🙂

  41. Georgen 4 years ago

    Hi, Good day.I would like to ask ,can a Philippine pharmacist eligible to apply for a 457 visa, as it is included in the occupation list? Thank you.

  42. Bimbo Yangco 4 years ago

    How could i apply, I am a slaugther man

  43. Ronald Alemania 4 years ago

    Good pm i would like to apply as diver.What are the requirements?

  44. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Catchy. Our design and Architecture related roles can be viewed here:

    Unfortunately there are no Architect vacances offering 457 sponsorship so I suggest you formalise your expression of interest via the following link:

  45. cathy 4 years ago

    Hi, architect here. 5yrs experienced in related field. how do i apply? thank you.

  46. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Ho Rowena, any job has to be considered ‘in demand’ in order to qualify for 457 visa sponsorship. Housekeeping isn’t one of these unfortunately. Please see this list for more information: Australia Jobs In Demand List

  47. Rowena Antoc Sevillano 4 years ago

    Hi! Ma’am/Sir; I’m Rowena; I’m interested to apply as housekeeper/fulltime: recently i am working now in malaysia as housekeeper; can u help me find sponsor for the said position?

  48. Nestor S. Ong 4 years ago

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    Do you think i would still qualify for a job as a Boat Builder & Repairer or even a Painter? I am now 51 yrs old, a Seafarer & Bosun at a present position. I hope you could help me on my querry?
    Many thanks in advance!

  49. Geoffrey delmo juson 4 years ago

    Hi ma’am sir I’m interested to apply US butcher and household me and my partner I’m willing to apply we are couples

  50. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Von, we specialise in 457 Jobs and all the employers listed on our site are offering jobs with Sponsorship :

  51. Von DC 4 years ago

    Hi good day! I’m a QA Analyst/Tester, any job site you can recommend? Or list of employers who provde sponsorship? Currently, I’m registered from the following job portals:

    Thank you

  52. marilou luna 4 years ago

    Im an elementary teacher, how can I apply?

  53. 457 Jobs 4 years ago
  54. Jojo Roque 4 years ago

    Hi,i am a Auto Technician for GM and FORD and i am a IELTS passer band score 5.5 overall.

  55. Lovely mae 4 years ago

    I am a licensed teacher and I am a Filipino. How could I apply?

  56. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Beverly,we have a few midwie roles advertised at the moment. Head on over to our 457 Job search area to locate these roles. Each job has an “Apply for Job” button listed. Click this button to be taken to the application page

  57. beverly zalsos 4 years ago

    Hi!I’m Beverly I’m a registered Midwife and a 3rd year BS-Nursing student.I Want to apply as a midwife or an age care nursing!I have 5 years experience as an age care nurse and a 1 year experience as a midwife.How can I apply Sir?

  58. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi, please search our job for Radiographer, we have a couple listed at the moment.

  59. hazelnut88 4 years ago

    Hi, im registered radiographer here in Philippines and currently working in a hospital for more than Four years. How to apply for the position above? Thank you.

  60. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Please post any questions in our forums guys:

  61. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Please search our sales jobs for the latest opportunities

  62. rommel 4 years ago

    hi how can apply for the sponsoredship?I want to apply for automotive mechanic

  63. umesh bhaskar 4 years ago

    Sir , i just completed my senior secondary schooling from india in a commerce stream. Now i m seeking a job . Is i m eligible to get any job relate to my stream in australia.

  64. lyndimapilis 4 years ago

    Hello madam. I am interested to apply as a Co.Secretary. Im currently employed and working as a secretay for 16yrs. How can I apply?

  65. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Janice, please click here to view the current range of healthcare related jobs offering sponsorship currently listed on our site. We recommend you apply for the job (as you would any other role). More info about hte process available here: How to apply for a 457 Visa

  66. Janice tovera 4 years ago

    Hello there! I am janice tovera,a registered nurse here in the Philippines. I am interested to apply as a registered nurse either of the two,child & family healthcare or community healthcare.
    So, maam/ sir what should i do first?

  67. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi, Search our jobs to see if we have any current engineering roles which may be suitable the click in the apply button for the jobs you’d like to apply for.

    Current engineering roles are listed here.

  68. 4 years ago

    Hi, i am a Civil Engineering Drafting person and i have a strong experience in drafting. how can i apply for the same here?

  69. MAAZ KHALID 4 years ago

    I am an electronics engineer with 4 year experience .how can apply and which dues i would pay to give visa.i am from pakistan

  70. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Engr, Our engineering jobs are located here. Please simply click on the “Apply button” link to apply for any of the jobs on our site

  71. Engr khan 4 years ago

    Can i apply for electrical engineer job… and how i can apply

  72. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Sajjad, you’ll need to apply for one of the jobs we have listed. We are not the employer in this instance, we only list sponsored jobs in Australia on behalf of other organisations.

  73. sajjad ahmad 4 years ago

    Yes i am strong candidate for sales and marketing.i have a great experience in sale.i am reguler working since 11 year.please select me i will be thankfull to you for this act.i am from pakistan.thank you.

  74. Dyson 4 years ago

    I’m an international graduate of South Australia and I’d like to stay here. Interstate graduates can access occupations on the State Occupation List if they meet requirements.

  75. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    There are plenty of nursing roles advertised on our site at the moment Bigi

  76. Bigi augustin 4 years ago

    Would like to apply for registered nurse

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