10 Steps to finding a Sponsored Job Australia

Ok Guys. We’ve had a number of enquiries via our Facebook page along the lines of “how to apply for a 457 visa” Or “how do I get sponsored Visa”?.

I get the impression that a few of our Facebook visitors have taken the time to visit our website and have a browse around. However I think it’s fair to say that a lot of our Facebook fans are arriving on our Facebook page a little perplexed and confused about how they can use our Facebook page to secure a sponsored 457 Visa here in Australia.

With this in we have created this article to provide clear step by step instructions to ensure you get the best out of 457JobsAustralia.com.

Now before we go on we’re mindful that there are steps the employer will need to undertake prior to being in a position to offer a sponsored job in Australia. For the purpose of this article, we’ll assume that the employer has already completed the steps required to get the necessary boxes ticked so they can legally advertise a sponsored job in Australia.

Similarly we also have to assume that you consider yourself competent in the jobs you’ll be looking to apply for. Otherwise why would you be here right? 🙂 So lets cover our tips for securing a sponsored Job here in Australia.

Ten Steps To Securing a 457 Sponsored Job In Australia

Step one – Are we listing a role that interests you?

Before you can secure a sponsored job in Australia you’ll need to identify an employer that can sponsor you in a role that you have skills and experience in performing.. This is where 457 Jobs Australia comes in. At any time we expect to have between 450 – 600 sponsored vacancies available on our website. View our site like any other job board. Except with 457JobsAustralia.com our focus is on advertising roles where the employer is willing to offer 457 Sponsorship to the successful candidate and only those roles.

To kick off your search. Head on up to the “current Jobs” link at the top of each page. You can also select it by clicking this link. Find a job that might be of interest? Proceed to the Step 2.

Step 2 – View the Job Description in full and Apply

View the job description and if you are still interested then click on the application link. Clicking the link will take you to the original source of the sponsored job listing. This will include detailed instructions on what you need to apply and who you can contact if you have any specific questions about the role.

Please only apply for jobs that interest you. Applying for every job you find could work against you as we often have the same recruiters advertising multiple jobs across our site. For subscribers we also display the name of the recruiter where this is made available to us so pay attention when applying so you can see if you have dealt with this recruiter before.

Step 3 – Apply for the job

Click Apply, attach or send your resume as instructed on the landing page for the role. The approach for this step would be the same if you were applying for any hob, even one in your home country.

Step 4 – Wait

As mentioned previously, these last two steps aren’t really any different to the steps you need to follow when applying for a role in your home country. Once you have applied for the job then wait. Most job advertisers will confirm receipt of your job application. If you hear nothing consider following up after a few days however try to refrain from following up with the employer every day.

For certain, more popular positions, they will likely have received a large number of applications and your frequent follow ups could alienate the employer which might work against you in the long run.

Step 5 – The 457 Job Interview

If you are fortunate enough to be shortlisted you will be invited to interview for the role. The interview process will differ from job-to-job. In some instances the job interviews may be held in your country, however these tend to be the exception as opposed to the norm. Expect to be interviewed by telephone or by video conference/skype for the role. For more senior roles the employer may offer to fly you to Australia for face-to-face interview once you have been through an initial short listing process.

It is unlikely that a job offer will be made after just one interview. Numerous calls may take place after the initial 457 Job interview to discuss further your visa requirements, salary expectations and timescales for commencement of your new job in Australia.

Step 6 – The Job offer

If all goes well the employer will make you a formal job offer. Congratulations!

In most cases this job offer will be a conditional on the basis of you complete a number of additional steps. These may include (but might not be limited to) the following:

  1. Successfully applying for and being awarded a 457 Visa by the Australian Department of immigration
  2. Meeting any additional requirements associated requirements of the role.
  3. Your arrival in Australia for commencement of the role by a specific date.

Note. It is not normal (or in most cases legal) practice to ask for money as a condition of your employment offer. If the employer is asking for you to pay them a ‘fee’ for them to consider sponsoring you. View this request with some suspicion.

Step 7 – Apply for your 457 visa

We have already written an article covering the steps to follow when Applying for a 457 Visa so we won’t repeat ourselves here. See this article for more information on the 457 Visa application process. In short, you can do this online so this step should be a relatively straight forward one.

Step 8 – 457 Visa Grant

On the basis that your 457 Visa Application is successful. You will be contracted by the Australian government (or their representative) advising that your 457 Visa application has been successful.

Please note that the Australian Government does not require holders of Australian visas to have a physical visa label or stamp inside their passport. Your 457 Visa will be issued electronically. This enables the Australian immigration department to provide accurate, secure and real-time information about a visa holder’s visa details. It is also more secure than issuing a visa label as it reduces the risk of fraud.

Step 9 – Move to Australia

You now have the paperwork you need to legally live and work in Australia. With this in mind. What are you waiting for? Start packing you bags and commence your journey down under. Ensure you speak to your future employer about temporary accommodation options. Many employers will organise hotel accommodation or rental accommodation for an initial period to enable you to get settled in Australia whilst you look for longer term accommodation.

Step 10 – Start your new job

Now is the time to start your new job in Australia and begin enjoying everything this amazing country has to offer you.

So there we have it. Ten Steps To Securing a 457 Sponsored Job In Australia using our website. This is obviously a simplified version of the whole process but at the highest level, these are the steps you will need to follow.

We also hope this overview helps you better understand the part that 457JobsAustralia.com can play in you finding a sponsored job and commencing your new job (and life) in Australia.

To your success!



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  1. verna pagarigan 4 years ago


    I am Verna Pagarigan, from Philippines and I finished my degree Bussiness Administration and I want to get work in your country please help me to get sponsored visa. Thank you.

  2. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Eric, if you require further clarification beyond what is posted here. Please post in our forums and we’ll try to clarify any question syou may have : http://457jobsaustralia.com/forums/

  3. Eric mensah 4 years ago

    Hi am Eric I to known the meaning of the sponsorship and how it works

  4. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Shepherd, please upload your resume via the pinned Expression Of Interest Job Post : http://457jobsaustralia.com/job/457-jobs-australia-eoi/

  5. shepherd Muroiwa 4 years ago

    12 years experience fitter . Want to settle in Australia . smuroiwa@gmail.com. how can I sent resume

  6. Jacques Bronkhorst 4 years ago

    I nned help to load my cv on im a fitter and wil do anythin to get sponsorships


    i want to serve in australia as lab technologist……

  8. demetrio diez 4 years ago

    I’m a carpenter or cabinet I willing to aplly f have vacant for me

  9. Maria Emma n. Mongaya 4 years ago

    I am interested to apply with not yet passport and no leaving Australia. I am working security guard from cebu city …I want to work Australia any available vacancies to apply….pls contact me and thank u

  10. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    All of our jobs have “Apply For job” buttons Joseph. The following artile provides more details on how to apply 🙂 http://457jobsaustralia.com/ten-steps-securing-457-sponsored-job-australia/

  11. Joseph Rase 4 years ago

    Hi good morning sir/madam. I’m interested to work in your country. As of now I’m here in doha Qatar I’m working as security cctv operator and access control in the airport(HIA) now how can I apply?

  12. Asif Raza 4 years ago

    I have no relative in Australia

  13. Asif Raza 4 years ago

    Hi i am Asif Raza
    I wana to teach in university or any other educational firm.i have got managerial experiencs too.

  14. Hadji G. Estrella 4 years ago

    I want to apply and work to australia….. im skilled workers Grp pipe fiiter, Grp Laminator, Grp boat builder and Painter….

  15. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Not sure what visa class you are referring to Miraflor are you coming in as dependent relative?

  16. miraflor enecio 4 years ago

    Hello good day sir i have a relatives in australia then i dont need to look for employer.they are going to sponsor my travel o whatever documents.i want to know how to apply to get a visa that has a sponsor already and how much the expences

  17. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Hi Rodel. Please search our site and register so you can receive job alerts when Stell related roles are advertised. Click here for more info.

  18. rodel.quintos@yahoo.com 4 years ago

    Hi im Rodel Gadil Quintos help i need the job.Steel Fexir.

  19. Jhona 4 years ago

    wow.this is an opportunity to change lives.hoping to find job in australia

  20. rhitesh 4 years ago

    Embassy can take personal interview to applicant ??

  21. Jezerelle Dela Cruz 4 years ago

    Hello, I am a hotel restaurant graduate

  22. sajjad ahmad 4 years ago

    I am very interested and i have great experience in sale.

  23. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Geoffrey, each of the jobs has an “Apply for Job” button listed at the bottom. Please click this button to apply for the job 🙂

  24. Geoffrey delmo juson 4 years ago

    Hi ma’am sir I’m interested but how to apply plz help me ma’am sir

  25. 457 Jobs 4 years ago

    Post in our forums please Jaime

  26. Jaime P. Abando 4 years ago

    Sir/Mam, im willing to have my stable job in your good country, so pls. help me, thanks

  27. aldrin 4 years ago

    I am professional balloon artist decorator.and kids birthday party host organizer.and event planner

  28. Ginalyn M. Batawan 4 years ago

    Sir /Madam I’m interested to work your country pls help me

  29. Balbir Singh 4 years ago

    I have derive
    Teblet repair
    Power bank making
    Any other more work have my hand

  30. Sandeep 4 years ago

    I am Sandeep came inI Australia

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